We Change Lives With The Power Of A Service Dog.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make owning a service dog more accessible for those in need. We strive to restore a sense of confidence and independence with individuals to better their lives.

Donor Funds

Donor funds cover the cost of adoption (if required), professional service dog training, hands-on training with the handler, and follow-up training.

The amount of funds used is based on the applicants needs.
We treat each applicant on a case-by-case basis.

What We Believe:

To promote and strengthen the bond between a Service Dog and their partner.
To place a well-matched Service Dog that will provide companionship, love, and support to their partner.
To train a Service Dog that creates a positive and significant improvement in a person’s everyday life.
To place a well skilled Service Dog that will restore a sense of confidence and independence to their human companion.
And to make sure our clients have the training and support they need to continue the skill sets their Service Dog has learned and bond with their new companion.


Currently, 61 million adults in the US live with a disability. That’s 26% of the adult population or approximately one in four people. With this, one in three adults with a disability have struggled to meet their healthcare needs in terms of cost in 2020. On average, a service dog can cost an individual anywhere from $8,000 to $25,000 in training costs, making it very difficult for those who do not have the funds to afford one.

Approximately 500,000 service dogs are currently helping people in the US.

Though service dogs are helping tens of millions of people nationally, there still aren’t nearly enough of them to go around. There are less than half a million service dogs currently helping disabled people in the US.

Statistics show that we have a long way before every person in need gets a four-legged assistant.

Our Goals

Our goal is to make owning a service dog more accessible for those with disabilities. The services that dogs can provide aren’t just useful—they can be truly lifesaving.

Our current goals:

  • For 2022, we want to raise enough funds to support at least 1 applicant a month.

  • If we raise at least $150,000 for 2022 ($12,500 a month) we can increase the number of maximum applicants per month for 2023.

You can help us make a difference. You donation will go directly to helping one of our beneficiaries obtain a service dog.

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